Modern day “Robin Hood” gets a major sentencing break

In a heartfelt case of a modern-day  “Robin Hood,” as declared by the federal judge Marianne Battani, attorney Raymond Cassar and the Law Offices of Raymond A. Cassar were able to argue a successful downward departure at sentencing of 15 months in federal prison

Our client, Patricia Keezer, 53, is a former bank manager accused of stealing over $340,000 from her place of employment.  Mr. Cassar argued successfully that Mrs. Keezer really did not benefit from her crime, but rather tried to help those in need.  With the help of Mr. Cassar’s persuasive arguments,  Mrs. Keezer was sentenced to a sentence of one year and one day (which allows her to receive good time credit in the federal system).  This sentence came on the heels of the prosecutor arguing for at least two years in prison and Mrs. Keezer’s federal guidelines being calculated at more than twice the time received.

Check out the entire story in the Detroit Free Press at:


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