Google delievers again…

Ok, so most of us attorneys are busy busy and more busy.  We are always on the go, meeting clients, going to different courthouses etc.  Having a GPS device in the vehicle is almost as crucial as having a Blackberry, and iPhone or some other PDA type mobile device.  However, often time, we need to know exactly where we are going and what is around the location, and sometimes the GPS device either lets us down or we flat-out forget the address we just googled on the computer in the office.  We certainly do NOT want to text and drive or use the Blackberry while driving.  Also, calling 411, especially on Verizon’s famed network, costs a “necessary” fee.  However, the mighty Google conglomerate comes to your rescue.  You can dial 1-800-4664-411 from any phone, and have voice activated search for any number anywhere. If you call from your cell, it will even map the location for you. Accordingly, don’t get lost, don’t panic and most certainly don’t get charged for 411 calls again. Call 1-800-GOOG-411!


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